A suggestion (was: Re: .bash_profile(permission denied)

Henry K van Eyken vaneyken at sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 26 04:23:58 PST 2004


I am not answering your question directly, but what I have to say is
relevant. Although I do use the command line from time to time, I am
far, very far from an expert user. Going through the LFS book makes me
double aware of that. Also the language used - the language experts use,
or jargon, if you wish - frequently gets me stumped. Having said this it
looks to me that this course may well turn out to be an excellent
experience for people such as us. Time will tell.

One of the problems we are having deals with the matter of permissions
(the -rw-rw-r-- kind of notation) as Joel Miller alludes to. Another may
be somewhat different instructions in various versions of the book. For
example, my text (version 5.0, downloaded Nov. 6) reads:

While logged in as user lfs, issue the following commands to set up a
good work environment:

cat > ~/.bash_profile << "EOF" 
set +h
umask 022
source ~/.bash_profile

The set +h command turns off hash's hash function. You do not mention
that line. There are other differences as well which are a bit
troublesome to me, especially at this stage where we so much blindly
follow an expert's instructions in the hope their true meanings will
eventually dawn upon us. But following blindly is fraud with danger.

I seem to have been doing OK until the "simple sanity check" in the
section "Locking in" Glibc. Because things didn't work out and I do not
want to burden this list with my personal travails, I decided to wipe
out everything done so far and start fresh which may or may not be a
sensible approach.

What, I believe, is needed most at this point is a more readily
available clarification of terms in the language of newbies, those
newbies who pretty well meet the prerequisites set out early in the book
(and with some tolerance for forgetting and the need for reinforcement).

I am tempted to suggest this approach: Dividing the students in this
course into those who use Linux in their studies or professionally and
those who are amateurs. There might be a separate list for the latter
group and, one would hope, there would be some tutors willing to look at
the questions and respond to them. From this there might develop a set
of supplementary notes to the various parts of the book.

I wonder, are there others out there in the same predicament as Scott
and myself? If you are among them, would you care to comment?


On Sun, 2004-01-25 at 23:17, scott at coloray.com wrote:
> I am using the LFS book 4.1. The host system is Mandrake 9.2. The
> partition used for the LFS is on a separate drive. I am following the book
> and when I try to execute the following instructions for "Setting up the
> environment" in Chapter 5 I get a "permissions denied" response. Here is
> the output:
> _____________________________________________________
> lfs at linx:~> cat > ~/.bash_profile << "EOF"
> > umask 022
> > LFS=/mnt/lfs
> > CC="gcc -s"
> > export LFS LC_ALL CC
> > EOF
>  -bash: /home/lfs/.bash_profile: Permission denied
> _____________________________________________________
> Please advise me how to assign the permissions correctly or whatever I
> need to do to continue. Warning: I can follow instructions, but I am a
> Linux newbie.
> Thanks for the help
> Scott
Henry K van Eyken <vaneyken at sympatico.ca>

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