Boot problem

Meher Khiari (E-mail) meher at
Mon Jan 26 03:28:59 PST 2004

> No, you're completely wrong on both counts. This has been
> explained on the
> lists hundreds of times. GCC will *schedule* for the i686. But the
> instructions will still run on all x86 CPU's. The OP's
> problem is the kernel
> which WAS compiled with -march=1686 or -march=athlon depending on what
> CPU was selected thus causing the blowup. That's why
> recompiling for i586
> will make it boot.
> If you don't believe me. Try this:
> echo 'main(){}' > dummy.c
> gcc -fverbose-asm -S dummy.c
> grep march dummy.s
lol ok ok, I trust you !! (I was dumb to say something like that).
But If the kernel was optimized for Athlon (ie : by passing -march=athlon),
how can you explain that the kernel loaded normally (I would hang on the
first lines)??

> and tell me what you see? I dare you to still tell me I'm wrong!

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