Boot problem

Meher Khiari meher.khiari at
Mon Jan 26 02:42:58 PST 2004

> Huh? It's the kernel crapping out and not the compiled LFS.
> As you quite
> rightly say, the K6 is more like an i586. Compiling his
> kernel for i586
> should allow it to boot fine.
No, it is more an LFS compilation pb.
Effectively the K6 is a i586 and when you compiled the packages for the
Athlon platform it was compiled for the i686. You have compiled the kernel
for the i586 (and it works) but the other binaries (bash, init ....) are
compiled for an i686 and that's why it don't work !

> There is no need for cross-compiling hint unless _optimizing_
> for a lesser
> cpu. By default, i.e. without any sort of CFLAGS, gcc will emit i386
> instructions that run on all x86 CPU's (equivalent to -march=i386).
By default the configure script tries to figure out the machine type and
emits i686 for the Athlon and compiles for it !!

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