GCC configure error under Via Eden

Allard Welter allard at nospam.nl
Mon Jan 26 01:32:13 PST 2004

On Monday 26 January 2004 01:09, masher wrote:
> I'm trying to complete a GCC pass 1 configure on a Via Eden/C3 cpu-based
> board, but am getting a terminal script error.  Have tried with "standard"
> options on the script, along with specifying canonical 'i486-linux-gnu' for
> the host.  Regardless, it terminates with:
>   configure: error: *** unable to determine endianness
> Anyone run into this before?  There's remarkably little info about this
> error on the web.   Version is gcc 3.3.1, w/ all 3 stock patches applied.
I rechecked the instructions just in case my memory was failing again, there 
are _no_ patches applied in pass 1 of gcc. See what happens w/o.


allard at quicknet.nl

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