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Sun Jan 25 19:56:33 PST 2004

On Sun, 25 Jan 2004 22:44:08 -0500, Jonathan-Marc Lapointe 
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> I succefully completed the LFS book version 5 and all was fine. I had 
> the idea to tar everything to install it on an other system, but when I 
> try to boot this other system, it freezes in the middle of the process 
> at this line: "Freeing unused kernel memory: 264k freed" and nothing 
> more hapens, it just freezes.
> I don't have this problem on the system on wich I builded LFS.
> My main system is an Athlon on wich I used an installation of RedHat 9 
> to build my LFS 5.0.
> The problematic system is a K6-2 system.
> What I did is put the SCSI hard drive of the K6-2 in the Athlon, used 
> CFDISK to create the appropriate partitions, formated those partitions, 
> transfered the tarbal with all of the files of the LFS system on that 
> drive, untared it, modified the apropriate files to match the 
> configuration of that system and rdeved the brand new kernel I compiled 
> for the K6-2to set the root record to the right place, configured GRUB 
> and tried to boot the K6-2 with this installation.
> It started and worked fine until that message: "Freeing unused kernel 
> memory: 264k freed". Then it just stoped.
> Can anyone help me?
> If I forgot some important details just tell me and I will write them.
> Thanx.
> Jonathan

You have a problem. The Athlon is a 686 processor and the k6-2 is a 586 
processor. Programs that are compiled with the athlon will have 686 
instructions that will not work on a 586. If you intend to compile LFS for 
an older x86 architecture then you should follow the cross-compiling hint 

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