.bash_profile(permission denied)

scott at coloray.com scott at coloray.com
Sun Jan 25 20:17:51 PST 2004

I am using the LFS book 4.1. The host system is Mandrake 9.2. The
partition used for the LFS is on a separate drive. I am following the book
and when I try to execute the following instructions for "Setting up the
environment" in Chapter 5 I get a "permissions denied" response. Here is
the output:

lfs at linx:~> cat > ~/.bash_profile << "EOF"
> umask 022
> LFS=/mnt/lfs
> CC="gcc -s"
> export LFS LC_ALL CC
 -bash: /home/lfs/.bash_profile: Permission denied

Please advise me how to assign the permissions correctly or whatever I
need to do to continue. Warning: I can follow instructions, but I am a
Linux newbie.
Thanks for the help

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