LFS-CVS-2004-01-21 - Chapter 6 - chroot

Lux luca.piol at fastwebnet.it
Sun Jan 25 05:30:40 PST 2004


Just finished Chapter 5 of lfs-cvs-2004-01-21 (used patch-2.5.9,
diffutils-2.8.4, tar-1.13.92, linux-2.6.1), and now, in chapter 6 when
trying to enter chroot environment it returns me "/tools/bin/env:  not
such file or directory". I followed the book line by line, expect for
those packages mentioned before.
GCC Specs file points to /tools/lib64/ld-linux.x86-64.so.2, so this is
not the problem.
CPU is an AMD HAMMER 3200+, host distro is SuSE 9.0 PRO for AMD64.

How to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance,

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