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> i was just wondering if anyone experiences the symptoms i get whenever i
> install a new hardware item,i get really sick after a few hours at the
> computer,there's sore throat,nausea ,tiredness and general bad feeling,and
> of course it's due to the resin or solvent vapours (that you can easily
> smell) when the new equipment warms up in operation.As an ex-chemical
> engineer i may be over-sensitive to chemicals,having breathed in more than
> my share when i was active,but the fact remains that these emanations are
> definitely noxious.I've read about consumer awareness of the hazards posed
> by chemicals in paints and wood treatment chemicals,but i don't remember
> seeing anything about this.Any thoughts welcome.

I can think of three posibilities:

1. There are certain volitles in flexible plastics, wire insulation for
example, that may cook off in a pulse the first time you turn on a piece of
electronics. These "elastomers" are supposed to be relatively nontoxic but
you may be allergic.

2. Your post isn't clear on the point, but if installation involved opening
up your computer case then you may be suffering from dust or mold allergies.
I've yet to see a case that wasn't as dusty as the mummy tomb. Mine
included. ;)

3. This one's kind of out there, but psyckosomatic maybe? Smell ties
directly into the limbic system and is a very powerfull stimulus. It might
work something like this. The first time you experienced this you were
coming down with the flu. You fired up a new componant and noticed an
unusually strong "new part" smell. Then the flu symptoms hit. Now that
particular smell and being ill are strongly associated for you.


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