Building LFS with a different compiler version

Shelton shelton at
Fri Jan 23 20:05:47 PST 2004

i used 3.3.1 when i built mine, totally ignored 2.95.
the only trouble i've hit is that some binary programs 
are linked against an older
version of gcc. for example, i had to install gcc-2.95 in 
order to get macromedia
flash plugin to work on my system.
I chose to use gcc-3.3.1 when installing because it has 
been around long
enough that it is stable, it just hasn't been officially 
accepted has stable.

i haven't experienced any oddities with my gcc-3.3.1 
based LFS system yet
that can be traced to the compiler. (still just 
configuring this and that to
get back to where my old system was)

root wrote:
> I'm working on doing some developing for dreamcast, and 
> in the mood to do an LFS 5.0. now I'm planning on using
> kallistios (an os for the dreamcast) which only properly compiles 
> with gcc 3.0.4 .
> Now the question is, if I try to use gcc 3.0.4 instead of 3.3.1, will 
> I still be able to complete the build?
> Thanks for any help
> Richard Despas
> ------------------------ 
> LFS User #7970
> BCIT Student
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