LFS 5.0 Patch-2.5.4 Chapt 5 mktemp ?

Ronald Hummelink maillist at hummelink.xs4all.nl
Fri Jan 23 17:14:53 PST 2004

On Sat, 2004-01-24 at 00:36, Allard Welter wrote:

> mktemp and mkstemp do the same thing



You shall not continue for the microwave ;-)

#include <stdlib.h>
char *mktemp(char *template);

#include <stdlib.h>
int mkstemp(char *template);

See these functions have a rather different return type, this makes
their use quite different.

The idea between the 2 functions is similar, however the usage is
different, which is why a 1 on 1 replace will cause non-functionality.
Don't give the impression it is any easier.

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