Strange GRUB problem

Egor Pervuninski egor at
Fri Jan 23 02:19:31 PST 2004

Meher Khiari wrote:
>> The geometry of my disk is following. On (hd0,0) is a NTFS
>> partition with
>> Windows XP (stay cool, it's just for my family members to
>> play some games),
>> the LFS partition is (hd0,4) and it's ext2 and finally swap
> is on (hd,5).
> As I can see, you just say that you have your 1 Primary Partition and 2
> Secondary Partitions. Grub uses incremental numbering, so it don't matter
> wether it is primary or secondary. Then the LFS Partition would be (hd0,2).
I got two subpartitions in my extended partition (for LFS and swap) and my LFS
partition used to be /dev/hda5 so for GRUB it would be (hd0,4). Here is the
excerpt from GRUB manual:
 "(hd0,4) This specifies the first extended partition of the first hard disk drive.
Note that the partition numbers for extended partitions are counted from 4,
regardless of the actual number of primary partitions on your hard disk."
But anyway I'll try. Thanks.

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