Q: why to build twice?

weasel weasel at beyondnormal.org
Wed Jan 21 18:19:40 PST 2004

Santtu Lintervo wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm interested in LFS (or don't feeling at home in distros) and
> preparing for my first build, with guidance from LFS book 5.0.
> My question is about building some packages twice.  I haven't
> quite understood why one has to build for example binutils and
> gcc again in chapter 6, when they are allready build in chapter 5,
> pass II. Why can't one use those?
> Thanks,
> Santtu
Read the book carefully at least you first time through.

The purpose of building everything in ch5 is so that you have a clean 
tool chain which doesnt rely on anything from your host system.  This 
clean tool chain is then used to build you actual LFS system.  Read the 
boook completly and search the LFS site for "tool chain" and "pure lfs" 
for more info and a history why this is done.


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