Keyboard delete key

Robert R. Russell rrbrussell at
Mon Jan 19 19:37:20 PST 2004

Meher Khiari wrote:
>>     My LFS system is up and running but my keyboard's delete is not
>>working. When I press delete, it beeps and outputs a tilde
>>(~). Mine is
>>PS2 keyboard with a window$ "start" key with the window$
>>logo( probably
>>a "windows keyboard"). I've tried a couple of different
>>keymaps but none
>>of them solve the problem. My host system is Red Hat 8.0 (gcc-3.2
>>glibc-2.2) on which it works.
> Once your LFS is up and running, it is very constructive to get around BLFS
> (and you'll find the solution for your pb -> inputrc) :

I think that since the inputrc file is while not essential would make 
the newly built shell to operate like the host expected, and I do not 
believe that this file has to be changed between system using indenticle 
architectures that it might want to be included either into the lfs-book 
and or added to an optionall tarball of common non-system specific 
configuration files.

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