LFS not booting Grub error

Karl Wilbur karl at karlwilbur.net
Mon Jan 19 13:15:52 PST 2004

You are absolutely correct.  I just didn't want to go on too long about 
this because I was not sure if this is even a problem for Serge


Kevin Alm wrote:

> On Monday 19 January 2004 09:28 am, Karl Wilbur wrote:
>>Remember that GRUB has a slightly different naming system for hard
>>drives than what you maybe used to.
>>hda = (hd0)
>>hda1 = (hd0,0)
>>hda2 = (hd0,1) ...
> Sorry to be overly pedantic, but this not strictly correct. What grub does is 
> search in sequence hda, hdb, hdc ... hdh assigning a number 0, 1, 2 ... 
> whenever and only if it finds a hard drive. cdrom/cdrw's don't count nor do I 
> believe other ide devices, for example ls120 drives. 
> On my system, I have my hd's on a pci udma66 card and my cd drives on the 
> motherboard ide's (udma33).  hde=(hd0).

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