strange badblocks problem [solved?]

Bill's LFS Login lfsbill at
Sun Jan 18 14:48:25 PST 2004

On Sun, 18 Jan 2004, marnixk wrote:

> marnixk wrote:
> > Bill's LFS Login wrote:
> >> HTH (at last?)
> > You have been most helpfull and i've learned a lot. I will post the
> > results of my re-partitioning strategy later...I feel this *should* work!
> Okay, i have carefully partitioned my harddisk and made sure that the number
> of sectors in each partition are divisible by 8:

> After this partitioning i have made FS, mounted, unmounted, cat-ed, dd-ed,
> and badblock-ed all that i could and there are still no signs of the
> earlier "attempt to read past end of device" errors. SO, on my system this
> problem is *solved*, although i still feel that there must be something
> else at play here (kernel?), see previous post. Anyway, i will now trust
> the harddisk with my data and system again and i will proceed with
> installation...

Hooray! It is getting to this point that makes all the back-and-forth
worthwhile!  :)

> I would like to thank you Bill, for your extensive posts and your efforts to
> help me figure this all out. I will continue reading and learning on this
> topic and maybe when i find out what else is going on here i will let you
> know per the list...

Was glad to be of use!

> Thanks,
> Marnix

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