evolution - Solution?

Karl Wilbur karl at karlwilbur.net
Sat Jan 17 16:51:13 PST 2004

I use SpamAssassin on my personal email server and I never get this kind 
of stuff. However, if I flag this as spam, I won't get any of the 
lfs-support at linuxfromscratch.org mail either. Reporting this to 
SpamCop.net will result in linuxfromscratch.org being blacklisted as a 
known spam handler or open realy, which is not good either.

Now these are handlings that would be implemented from my end.  On the 
other hand, there must be something that can be done server-side that 
would eliminate this kind of thing.  Maybe SpamAssassin.  I'll keep 

Does anyone know to whom I should email a solution?

-Karl Wilbur

Michael Jackson wrote:

>--- Lessie <gcydbicyxvyn at europe.com> wrote:
>>psfzy cgkzvacsv fgovnae qtdqpp bmopllfsc, ukqngwhao-
>>lclumrnlp xxzxojko 
>>hqhhocee mzmgsk smdfdv twxtyxyq hrhrz mtqjzq acixzts
>>scssf uiyydnwl jfjlcl tqnsvoze vqmgagags 
>>upoig bmbwyci atpgo szsrvihlj 
>>mqfwsmm zqnwb profo urdsu yxiqi qlntfu fpwrqbh
>>weemiy dpaqszdi 
>>gqsixnhhl nvlee iortew ommiigcj kbffxrfx- ctfmzww
>>yobbs hppbdcyxr. lcmnzcl, immjq, 
>Is there any way to get RID of this stuff! If I put
>this under spam in Yahoo, then all of LFS will be in
>the bulk and I'll never get any of it cause I never
>read my bulk mail, only delete it.-mj
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