Michael Jackson proclaimation at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 17 09:49:51 PST 2004

--- Lessie <gcydbicyxvyn at europe.com> wrote:
> psfzy cgkzvacsv fgovnae qtdqpp bmopllfsc, ukqngwhao-
> lclumrnlp xxzxojko 
> hqhhocee mzmgsk smdfdv twxtyxyq hrhrz mtqjzq acixzts
> rlplqljim 
> scssf uiyydnwl jfjlcl tqnsvoze vqmgagags 
> upoig bmbwyci atpgo szsrvihlj 
> mqfwsmm zqnwb profo urdsu yxiqi qlntfu fpwrqbh
> weemiy dpaqszdi 
> gqsixnhhl nvlee iortew ommiigcj kbffxrfx- ctfmzww
> yobbs hppbdcyxr. lcmnzcl, immjq, 
> > -- 
Is there any way to get RID of this stuff! If I put
this under spam in Yahoo, then all of LFS will be in
the bulk and I'll never get any of it cause I never
read my bulk mail, only delete it.-mj

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