Chapter 8, Making LFS Bootable - grub probs

Serge Denault tangoparis at
Sat Jan 17 05:45:55 PST 2004

Shelton wrote:

> Where did you copy /usr/share/grub/stage1 to?
> if you copied it to /boot/stage1 then you may have
> to move it to /boot/grub/stage1.

/boot/grub/stage1. That is exactly where they are :-(

> I'd say just reread the chapter about installing grub and
> _carefully_ read the bit about setting up grub.

I did. Can't find anything I've done wrong,I folloed the instructions
> I had a similar experience. I wanted to preserve my
> existing redhat boot partition and existing redhat grub
> installation. It took a little guessing and such but I
> basically ended up adding an entry to the original redhat
> grub to boot into LFS.

Yes that is not a problem. I will add mine to my SuSE Boot Manager... if I
can my lfs boot that is

Tks for trying to help

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