Chapter 8: Creating the /etc/fstab file

Serge Denault tangoparis at
Fri Jan 16 15:45:47 PST 2004

Hi everyone,

I am almost there, but stressed and puzzled... In a case like that, better
ask the pros

I am refering to the file systems table.

Presently, my HD has 4 partitions. SuSE 9 boots in and the boot manager
offers linux, windows and a couple of other things.

The partitions are: hda1=windows, hd2=linux, hd3=swap hda4=lfs

linux is mounted at /

How can I set this up so I don<t loose SUSE boot manager.

So, my understanding is the following:

the / in the table refers to hda4 only
the swap is to be shared by linux and lfs
the fs-type for lfs is ext2

Or am I completely out of the track?

And where does that windows fits in (I am not even shure I have to bother
with it actually)

Any light for this tortured brain of mine will be mostly appreciated :-)

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