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Fri Jan 16 06:11:58 PST 2004

On Fri, 16 Jan 2004 21:33:43 +0900, david at wrote:
> Joel Miller saw fit to say:
> -> Please read the FAQ before posting to the lists.
> ->
> <snip>
> ---then Joel Miller stopped---
> That's great, but the FAQ mentions failed attempts and re-running from
> the source that provided the failure.  my question(mayhap I should
> restate) was: Between installing say, #gettext from the instructions in
> chapter5(without error), and #gettext in chapter6, do I need to do [1]a
> make clean, [2]delete the chap5 reference directory and re-tar jxf, or
> [3]just execute the trinity(./configure prefix=$PREFIX, make, make
> install), with a change only in the $PREFIX between the chapters
> rewriting the Makefile?

The introduction to Chapter 5 states quite clearly:

"Unless told not to, you should normally delete the source and build
directories after installing each package -- for cleanness sake and to
save space."


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