Chap 5 (Adding the User lfs) - 'chown' commands need to be updated

Joel Miller cheeziologist at
Thu Jan 15 16:48:26 PST 2004

On Thu, 15 Jan 2004 18:31:20 +0100, Adam Rosenwald 
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> Meher Khiari wrote:
>> When the book starts with this, the directories tools and sources are
>> supposed to be empty of any file so the recursivity is not necessary !
> That is correct (that the book presumes those directories are empty). 
> BUT... eventually the source files will be copied to the sources 
> directory (or some other subdirectory of $LFS).  From my experience, I 
> find that any new files added to the sources directory after the 'chown 
> lfs $LFS/sources' command is executed do not have the proper permissions 
> set for the lfs user.  I cannot even extract from the compressed files! 
>   Only a recursive chown command (or a chown command for each new file 
> added) will solve this problem.  What am I missing here?

The files you copy to the sources directory will have the permissions of 
the user you used to copy them there. That's just how *nix OS's work.

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