Chap 5 (Adding the User lfs) - 'chown' commands need to be updated

Adam Rosenwald metaintelligence at
Thu Jan 15 04:16:38 PST 2004

Hey guys,

In chapter 5 (Adding the user lfs), the two chown commands,

> chown lfs $LFS/tools
> chown lfs $LFS/sources

(or at least the second command) are insufficient in providing the 'lfs' 
user access to the source files.  I'm sure many people are aware of 
this, but the problem has not been addressed in the CVS (as of 
1/14/2004).  This is merely a matter of applying chown recursively. So...

> chown lfs -R $LFS/sources

and (optionally)...

> chown lfs -R $LFS/tools


  - Adam (metaintelligence at

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