strange badblocks problem

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Thu Jan 15 08:32:33 PST 2004

On Thu, 15 Jan 2004, marnixk wrote:

> Update:
> i have found this problem on *all* 4 of my gentoo systems and i am pretty
> sure i used a different version of the Gentoo install cd for at least one
> of these systems. Also the hardware of all these systems is so completely
> different that any hardware related stuff is almost certainly ruled out.

Leaving only the commonality of the OS and utilities. That's good, I

> Also I begin to wonder whether this is a problem in terms of chance of data
> corruption or loss. Ok, so some commands try to read past the end of the
> device, but as long as the kernel detects this and prints an error message
> in the log, is it actually a problem? [You can see I am almost about to
> give up and just proceed with this little "bug" in my system]

That is an option. If there is *nothing* critical, it could be
reasonable. But my presumption would be that whatever is causing the
*visible* problem may also cause some invisible (for *now*) ones. I
would think it risky *unless* the systemand it's data could be
considered expendable.

> I still have to do the "boot with Knoppix" test in my previous post and i
> will post my findings here.

Hope that yields something different!

> Thanks again,
> Marnix

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