strange badblocks problem

marnixk lfs at
Thu Jan 15 05:21:40 PST 2004


i have found this problem on *all* 4 of my gentoo systems and i am pretty
sure i used a different version of the Gentoo install cd for at least one
of these systems. Also the hardware of all these systems is so completely
different that any hardware related stuff is almost certainly ruled out.

Also I begin to wonder whether this is a problem in terms of chance of data
corruption or loss. Ok, so some commands try to read past the end of the
device, but as long as the kernel detects this and prints an error message
in the log, is it actually a problem? [You can see I am almost about to
give up and just proceed with this little "bug" in my system]

I still have to do the "boot with Knoppix" test in my previous post and i
will post my findings here.

Thanks again,


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