Findutils-4.1.20 FHS compliant or not?

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Thu Jan 15 02:44:17 PST 2004

David Farrell said the following on 15-1-2004 2:07:

> The CVS-20040107 (and others) book has a note to pass 
> --localstatedir=/var/lib/misc to make the use FHS compliant.
> The configure arguments do not. Should I or shouldn't I.

That's really up to you. Your distro, your rules. It doesn't really 
matter for the program, it will still function the same.

> How much does LFS strive to be FHS compliant?

In general, packages are built according to FHS instructions. In some 
cases, a package requires a patch to be fully FHS compliant, or requires 
non-standard configure flags. In that case, you'll be warned and can 
choose between FHS/no FHS. But you can get a fully FHS-compliant system 
by building LFS; just remember to follow the FHS-compliance notes.

There has been discussion in the past to make LFS fully FHS-compliant 
without the extra instructions. I'm not sure what the outcome was of 
that though.

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