in LFS book I see no specific mention of creating a cross-platform LFS system

Ken Wolcott ken.wolcott at
Wed Jan 14 07:48:56 PST 2004


  I've searched through and browsed (not read every page) of the LFS on-line 
book.  I see no specific mention of how LFS could be used to create a 
cross-platform system although I see on the LFS website that there are 
several people who use LFS to create a cross-platform embedded Linux 
environment. I would like to consider using the LFS approach in creating an 
embedded Linux target environment for the arm platform using a pc linux host.

  Please point me to places in the LFS book were this is mentioned since I 
must have missed it.  If this does not exist, I am pleading for somebody to 
create a document explaining how to use LFS to create an embedded 
cross-platform Linux environment.

  I suppose that I could read between the lines and guess what I need to do by 
looking at other open source cross-platform embedded Linux procedures (which 
I have looked at, don't understand and have failed at implementing)...

Thank you,
Ken Wolcott

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