chapter 5 - gcc-3.3.1 pass 2

Abhishek Sharma arun at
Tue Jan 13 09:43:32 PST 2004

I have now spent about 5 hours in build time compiling the packages before
this one. Unfortunately I did not know that it was mandatory to follow the
$LFS/tools directory and insted I opted for the $LFS/build/tools directory.
So when I realised that the gcc-3.3.1-specs.patch was hard written to
$LFS/tools I decided to act clever and change every occurance of /tools it
to /build/tools by hand (using only my precious vim editor). I then issued
the following three commands to ensure that I had changed every /tools:
grep '/tools' gcc-3.3.1-specs.patch > f1
grep '/build/tools' gcc-3.3.1-specs.patch > f2
diff f1 f2
And it appeared that I had changed every instance of /tools. I then
configured and begun the make:
time { make; }
After I came back from watching the Simpsons (mmm, doughnuts) I came back to
depressingly black screen with incomprehensible error messages and an output
from the time command at 40mins. The error that caught my eye was one that
complained about a relative path. I reissued the command and tried to dump
the output to the file but the stderr device allways has its way. Are there
any other '/tools' strings hardcoded into any other patches (i couldn't find
any) that could have caused this error.

host: red had 9 (shrike) on i686-pc-gnu-linux

Abhishek Sharma

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