strange badblocks problem

Meher Khiari (E-mail) meher at
Tue Jan 13 07:29:49 PST 2004

> Also these messages appear in the log:
> Jan 13 10:50:28 xxxxxx attempt to access beyond end of device
> Jan 13 10:50:28 xxxxxx 03:09: rw=0, want=2939864, limit=2939863
As I know the disk utilities, they don't use the limit supposed by the
kernel and they just keep trying till the end. When they get this error they
suppose that the disk is at it's end !!

> Because I previously had other strange behaviour that might suggest a
> failing harddisk I ran a testprogram provided by the disk manufacturer
> (maxtor). This tool reported that all tests where passed and
> that the disk
> was "certified error free", whatever that may mean.
Isuppose when you have doubts about badblocks in a harddisk, the best way is
to Low Level Format it and the LLF Tool will output any badblock !

> After this I ran badblocks /dev/hda and there where no
> badblocks on the disk
> at all, but running it on /dev/hda9 again gave the same
> output as above.
As I know, testing for badblocks is a raw testing and is not consistent for
just partitions, that's why they have to be ran for the hole disk !

Good Luck

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