grub question

Shelton shelton at
Mon Jan 12 22:13:59 PST 2004

the answer is a firm NO!
You cannot get away with a half-assed installation of 
grub. I hoped that i could have gotten away with just 
replacing the stage2 file. nope. then i used the rescue 
image from an old suse cd and tried to copy the old 
stage2 back into place. that didn't work. i guess grub is 
once bitten twice shy. so i tried to see what the rescue 
environment offered. turned out to be a whole lot. i went 
to my friend's place (he's an insomniac also) and copied 
the important bits from the LFS Book about entering the 
chroot environment and about installing/configuring grub.
i took notes. came home, booted into the suse rescue 
image, chroot, rebuild grub. reinstall grub. reconfigure 
grub. all the grubbing i should have done in the first 
place. and now my shiny lfs system is back and running, a 
little bruised, but still shiny. PHEW!!!

i'm getting good at saving my system (old host system was 
abolished saturday night, this was the 4th scare, always 
when i try something whacky with grub or with the 
kernel). But i'm also getting tired of saving my system.

i think i'm going to get away from the computer for a 
little while... hike across china, ponder life, the 
universe, and everything; maybe even write a book. i 
think i'll call it "look _closely_ before you jump."

Shelton wrote:
> SCENARIO: grub-0.93 downloaded and installed per LFS BOOK instructions.
> Works fine.
> DILEMA: i miss my boot image.
> QUESTION: let's say i found a patched version of grub that has already been
> patched with splashimage support. (yup) If I were to install it only as 
> far as
> copying the stage* files to /boot/grub (just the steps described in
> chapter06/grub.html), would i have to enter into the grub shell and 
> rewrite the MBR?
> I don't think so because as i understand it, the splashimage is a 
> feature handled by stage2.
> But I would appreciate a concensus before i go and accidentally destroy 
> something.
> thanks,


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