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steve huskey iccaros at
Mon Jan 12 20:44:12 PST 2004

On Mon, 2004-01-12 at 21:01, Shelton wrote:
> SCENARIO: grub-0.93 downloaded and installed per LFS BOOK 
> instructions.
> Works fine.
> DILEMA: i miss my boot image.
> QUESTION: let's say i found a patched version of grub 
> that has already been
> patched with splashimage support. (yup) If I were to 
> install it only as far as
> copying the stage* files to /boot/grub (just the steps 
> described in
> chapter06/grub.html), would i have to enter into the grub 
> shell and rewrite the MBR?
> I don't think so because as i understand it, the 
> splashimage is a feature handled by stage2.
> But I would appreciate a concensus before i go and 
> accidentally destroy something.
> thanks,
> -- 
> ~rick

title Fedora Core (2.4.22-1.2129.nptl)
as you can see my splash image is my third line in grub. the (hd0,0) is
hard drive 0,0 or in English hda1(if that is your first drive). now grub
uses a different lay out than hda and so on your first hard drive will
be 0 (no matter what ide bus it is on) and hard drive # 2 will be 1 so
if your boot (/boot) is on your first partition of your first hard drive
your command will look just like mine with the name of your splashimage
instead of mine. if its on partition 2 or what ever the second number is
partition starting at zero (logical not canonical) also grub skips
cdroms so in my case it looks like this

hda1 = (hd0,0)
hda2=  (hd0,1)
hda3=  (hd0,2)
hdb = cdrom
hdc = cdrom
hdd = ide channel open
hde1 = (hd1,0)
hde2  =(hd1,1)
hope this makes sense


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