Stephen Bosch posting at
Mon Jan 12 17:20:36 PST 2004

steve huskey wrote:
>>So how does this stop people from spamming the list?  The argument at hand
>>is about that people are spamming the list, not spamming the people on the
>>list.  As for what to do about it, sub-only lists is not the way to go.
>>It would alienate a lot of people.  Nor would user protected nntp, I mean
>>seriously, why would you want to get help with a problem, and have to go
>>jump through 8 hoops to get help?  The way it is now is just fine.  Just
>>need to get some updated killfiles for SA, and set it up such that it
>>protects against more spam.
> it helps because bots spam the list with no human intervention if you
> remove the mail link and make them type the email address then they
> still have access but a bot or software will not know what to do.

I think you are thinking wishfully -- there are bots smart enough to 
tell the difference between <> addresses and those without.

It will take more ingenuity than that to reduce spam.


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