Stephen Bosch posting at
Mon Jan 12 07:32:50 PST 2004

Duarte Cordeiro wrote:
> Because they're asked to. Is that so terrible ? 
> Your sentence says it all: "you want to get help with a problem"; 
> YOU need help, and there's somebody out there, that will spend his time
> helping you, can't you just help him a little in return ? Is that much to
> ask for ? 
> A sentence comes to my mind:
> "Hi hello, if you have a problem executing a step described in this
> completly *free* book where a lot of persons spent *days* or even *months*
> working (just to help YOU), please spend *ten seconds* of your time
> subscribing to the list, so that we can spend *more of our time* helping you
> without getting payed for nothing. Also, it allows *all of us* to stop
> receiving spam in our lists."
> You are contributting to the world. If a user has the guts to tell you that
> you're asking too much, he/she doesn't understands the "sharing model" you
> work upon.

As a matter of practice I always subscribe to any list I am requesting 
help from, even if it's only for a few weeks. I think it's good 
netizenship and I appreciate that the solutions to problems that others 
have had are made available so that I can learn from them.

I don't think a subscription-only list is too much to ask, and I'm a bit 
surprised that this one isn't.


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