Duarte Cordeiro Duarte.Cordeiro at
Mon Jan 12 07:04:58 PST 2004

> Nice said; totally agree. But I'm willing to give 
> Spamassassin a chance, 
> although I respectfully request to have it updated. If the 
> spam starts 
> pouring in despite administrational effort, we should resort 
> to blocking 
> HTML mail (if that isn't done already) and eventually 
> required subscription.

I agree with you. I'm not saying that "subscribe only lists" are the only
The question is: if anything else fails, this solution is correct in every
Also, someone needs to analyse the time spend in maintaining the anti-spam
software, and figure out if the "loss of help from non-subscribers" is
greater then the time won from not dealing with spam and software
maintenance (and discussion on the lists about methods for eliminating spam
:) ).

Another 2 cents (this spam thingy is getting expensive)


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