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> > > I would never subscribe to a mailing list just to submit a bug 
> > > report, it's just too much work to help somebody out. 

You're twisting things around. YOU're the one that's helping ppl, not the
Do you know how to install a LFS system? Do they ?

Maybe there's someone out there, that just grabbed the LFS book and tried it
just to check for bugs, but I do think that the majority reads the book and
report bugs because they need help!

Forget about the book, and think about a application. 
You grab a app that does your laundry for you. It really helps you out. No
more evenings doing laundry by hand!! The LFSLandryAPP works great. But when
you try the switch --only-white-shirts-with-LFS-logo it crashs and you loose
the geeky shirt. You proceed to report the bug, because you have 87 more
shirts-with-LFS-logo (admit it, your life is strange!!) and don't really
wanna go back doing things by hand.
Who needs help? The developper who made the application and shared it so
that others could smell good in the morning, or the geek guy that took
somebody's work to improve his life ?

You're proving knowledge to others, don't pretend that they're the ones that
help you. Eveybody benefits from the list, and it shouldn't be a problem if
you ask for a sub-only list.

Another 2 cents,


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