Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Mon Jan 12 06:47:55 PST 2004

Hi Duarte Cordeiro. You said the following on 01/12/04 15:37:
> "Hi hello, if you have a problem executing a step described in this
> completly *free* book where a lot of persons spent *days* or even *months*
> working (just to help YOU), please spend *ten seconds* of your time
> subscribing to the list, so that we can spend *more of our time* helping you
> without getting payed for nothing. Also, it allows *all of us* to stop
> receiving spam in our lists."

Nice said; totally agree. But I'm willing to give Spamassassin a chance, 
although I respectfully request to have it updated. If the spam starts 
pouring in despite administrational effort, we should resort to blocking 
HTML mail (if that isn't done already) and eventually required subscription.

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