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Sun Jan 11 16:28:21 PST 2004

On Sun, 2004-01-11 at 19:03, Billy O'Connor wrote:
> Jeroen Coumans <jeroen at> writes:
> >
> > What do you think about blocking HTML mail as another step?
> > Combatting
> I don't render html mails personally anyway, I can't stand them.  If
> it's a subject that looks like a bug report I'll flag it and wait to
> see if someone else responds to it, if not, I try to decipher it.  :)
> HTML is the one format that's almost always spam, I thought it was
> flagged in SA as spam already, but some were slipping through somehow.
> > spam is a continuous proces; obviously spammers have found ways around
> > our current installed SpamAssassin (2.55). I note that 2.61 is the
> > latest version though; so we should definetely upgrade to keep up.
> Yeah, we were doing good for a while there, I don't know what
> happened.  Spammers getting smarter, I guess.
> > Rest assured, I regard subscribe-only mailinglists as a last
> > resort. But the lists aren't that critical to the few bugreports which
> > we get from non-subscribers, so I don't consider them vital for our
> > work.
> I would never subscribe to a mailing list just to submit a bug
> report, it's just too much work to help somebody out.  I have many
> bug reports from people not subscribed, I know, because it's annoying
> when they say "Please email me, I'm not subscribed.".  :)
its unfortunate that the courts ruled that ISP can not sue spamers out
side of there state (as most are out side of Virgina) most US ISP can
not bring them to trial. AOL is trying to SUE them in Florida so well
see. No matter how much I hate AOL at least they are standing up. 
if it is not posted one way to stop spam from the inter net is to put
the email address in <> ie <iccaros at> and tell the user to
cut and past the address in to there email client. also explain that
this stops spam bots as they have no link to go to. 

by the way that is my email so no spam please .... 

and as soon as you list on the site that you do not accept spam then it
becomes a US federal law to send spam to the site (what ever good that
just my 2 cents. 

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