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Sun Jan 11 15:49:17 PST 2004

Hi Billy O'Connor. You said the following on 01/11/04 21:47:
> We rely on bug reports from all comers, subscribed to mailing lists
> or not.  They are vital to our work and must not be excluded.

What do you think about blocking HTML mail as another step? Combatting 
spam is a continuous proces; obviously spammers have found ways around 
our current installed SpamAssassin (2.55). I note that 2.61 is the 
latest version though; so we should definetely upgrade to keep up.
Rest assured, I regard subscribe-only mailinglists as a last resort. But 
the lists aren't that critical to the few bugreports which we get from 
non-subscribers, so I don't consider them vital for our work.

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