Billy O'Connor billyoc at
Sun Jan 11 13:23:09 PST 2004

Matthew Burgess <matthew at> writes:

>> Far more noise is generated talking about spam than the spammers
>> could ever dream of.
>> We rely on bug reports from all comers
> Point them to bugzilla then from the website, FAQ or the book
> itself (or a combination thereof as deemed necessary).  Bugzilla should
> be *the* tool for tracking/monitoring bugs.  As was pointed out by Bill
> earlier on, some bug reports/request for comments have been lost in the
> black-hole that the mailing-lists can turn into.

No, we point them to the mailing lists and bugzilla, whichever is
more convenient for *them*, not us.  This is the method that we use
to gather bug reports.

BTW, this issue has been raised before, and as you can see, the
mailing lists(and bugzilla) are still open to anyone.  Because this
is still the way we want it.


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