boot and now chroot problem

Kevin Alm kevinalm at
Sun Jan 11 11:04:28 PST 2004


Your grub menu is seriosly messed up. You need an entry something like this:

title LFS boot
root hd(0,2)   (this needs to point to the partition that menu.lst, the
stage files and the rest of your grub files reside)
kernel hd(0,2)/boot/<kernelname> ro root=hde2 (and any other kernel boot
parameters you need)

If you are using the host distros grub to boot then change the
root hd(0,2) accordingly. On your system the equivalences should be:

hd(0,0)  = hde1
hd(0,1)  = hde2
hd(0,2)  = hde3

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