from LFS 4.1 to LFS 5.0 (before: kernel-header: make mrproper)

Klaus Becker colonius at
Sat Jan 10 09:28:43 PST 2004

> > certainly it's a better idea to build LFS 5.0. I just printed all the
> > 4.1 book and I do not want to print again the whole 5.0 book now. Is
> > there a way to find out which pages changed and which pages I must
> > print again to use LFS 5.0 ?
> Unfortunately there were a lot of changes between LFS-4.1 and LFS-5.0
> which I think spanned across the entire book, more or less.  You could
> try and download both versions and use `diff` to find the exact
> differences, but they're likely to be fairly extensive.

Hi Matt,

so I decided to build LFS 5.0 and not to continue with LFS 4.1. I downloaded 
the 5.0 book and I shall compare it with printed pages from LFS 4.1 I have, 
and re-print only the pages which really changed and which are really 

Just a little question: I downloaded "lfs-packages-5.0.tar" but I did not find 
it's md5sum. For example on 
you find the md5sum of every individual package, but not the one of 

I get:
$ md5sum lfs-packages-5.0.tar
a6c2b846e1ac876a47249553bd574ce6  lfs-packages-5.0.tar.

I suppose, this is right because it gives the name of the package ?


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