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Sat Jan 10 08:47:04 PST 2004

On Fri, 09 Jan 2004 21:08:40 -0500
Billy O'Connor <billyoc at> wrote:

> Jeroen Coumans <jeroen at> writes:
> > Hi Billy O'Connor. You said the following on 01/10/04 02:40:
> >
> >> Jeroen Coumans <jeroen at> writes:
> >> 
> >>>We should block all HTML messages or make the lists
> >subscriber-only...> What about the usenet gateway?
> >
> > What about it? Most spams are by e-mail, right?
> I don't know if they are or not, but if the list is subscriber only,
> doesn't that kill the nntp gateway?

I don't know whether it's possible to sync the authentication databases
between them (if that's the root we want to go), but I know that NNTP
does allow username/password based access.  What would be nice is to
allow read-only access to the news-server for everyone, but
require username/password entry in order to post.  Again, I'm not sure
whether this is possible or how hard it is to implement, it's simply my
opinion on what would be a sensible access policy.

Oh yeah, drop HTML e-mails as well...they're evil :(



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