Hit snag when I got to patch-2.5.4

jmh j.m.hall at cox.net
Sat Jan 10 07:52:55 PST 2004

Things seemed to be going along fine until now.

I goofed when first running the configure for patch,
left of both the CPPFLAGS= and --prefix=/tools. I've tried
just rerunning using the correct cmd line:
CPPFLAGS=-D_GNU_SOURCE ./configure --prefix=/tools
but I when get to the make install point I got errors.

I get a permissions denied error creating /usr/local/man
and then one resulting from that error when attempting
to create the /usr/local/man/man1 dir.

I've also tried rm -rf /lfs/src/patch-2.5.4 to remove
the source dir (building on a single partition so
didn't worry about making $LFS), untar the package
and retry but got the same errors.

I'm a bit surprised at the path /usr/local/... Looks like
it's trying to build in the existing dir hierarchy and not
in the LFS one? Are thos paths correct? If not any ideas
where I took a wrong turn (that is, blinked while reading
this PDF and skipped a step)?

If those are correct, can I just check the permission
on /usr/loacal to make sure the lfs user has the correct
access rights?

(BTW, if you replied to my ealrier post (newbee question...)
thanks for the fast responses and suggestions!)


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