quick newbee question about ./configure...

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Sat Jan 10 07:01:58 PST 2004

On Sat, 10 Jan 2004, jmh wrote:

> Got up this morening and should habe taken heed that
> it was going to be a problem day when I spilled the
> coffee ginds on the floor :-/
> Anyhow, I in Chapter 5, LFS 5, building patch-2.5.4
> and type ./configure then hit enter--DOGH! Am I right
> in thinking that all I've done at this point is to make
> the source to compile into a standard linux system and
> that all I need to do is simply rerun congigure with the
> prefix line set (/tools)? This is what I'm going to do
> but figured I'd ask in case I'm completely wrong or
> if someone just wants to give a short tutorial on
> configure.

I'm not expert, but IIRC, a config.cache is made (and maybe other
things?) that might affect this. But I think it's all in that dir. So to
be safe, I would rm the dir, untar and redo. Should be pretty painless.

> jmh

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