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Sat Jan 10 05:35:43 PST 2004

On Sat, 10 Jan 2004, Quiz Quiz wrote:

> ******************
> *  IN Chapter 6  *
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> when i write "/glibc-2.3.2/configure --prefix=/usr \
> --disable-profile --enable-add-ons \ --libexecdir=/usr/bin
> --with-headers=/usr/include"

In honor of your moniker, "Quiz Quiz", I offer the following:

1. Did you really invoke this command from the directory just above
2. Did you *not* make a glibc-build directory specified in the book
   (assuming you are using the same version I'm looking at - you didn't
3. Did you *not* cd into that build directory like the book says?
4. Did you *notice* that the book shows

   "../glibc-2.3.2/configure --prefix=/usr \"

   (without the quotes) as the command to execute?
5. Did you *not* think to mention what version of LFS, host platform,

If you answered "yes" to any/all of the above, you win the "Grand Prize"
of being permitted to go back and

a) Review the instructions in the book and compare them to yours
b) Check the FAQ to see if there is anything there about this
c) Use the "search" facility on the website to see if anyone else has
   encountered your problem
d) Review the section of the book about asking for help so that we know
   if you are using LFS 3.*, 4.*, 5.* of CVS (and date)
e) Pause a moment when something untoward happens and consider how you
   should first begin solving the problem.

No offense was intended, but I connected the moniker with the nature of
the request and could not avoid entertaining myself with this question.

><snip stuff that seems wasted until the above answers are known>

> So what can i do????
> visit

I don't the that site will fix the issues you mention!  ;)

Bill Maltby

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