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> Hi Bryan Breen. You said the following on 01/10/04 02:07:
> > I think SpamAssassin is slipping giving that message a low 
> score for a 
> > pretty obvious UCE message (SPAM). Such simple alterations 
> like random 
> > character insertions did a pretty good job at stumping it. 
> That's not 
> > to reassuring.
> We should block all HTML messages or make the lists subscriber-only...
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> Groeten/Greetings,
> Jeroen Coumans

(I'm really new to the list, so I don't know the historical reasons to why
it doesn't require subscription, so do not be offended please :) )

Why keep a mailing list open to non-subscribers?
I see 2 reasons:
 1- they don't have the know how to understand how to do it.
   In that case I think they shouldn't try LFS, so locking them out helps
 2- Doesn't want to have the trouble to do it because (s)he just wants a
"quick answer".
  This is the same as posting in webforuns with signatures like: "please
reply directly to me because I don't want to have the trouble to check the
website". If you need help, at least "help" the other users by registering.
This way nobody gets spam. 

 Of course, this is JMHO


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