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> Subject: Re: (no subject) - x86_64 problems
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> > >>> I've been having trouble with the very first gcc compilation in
> > chapter>>> five (LFS v5.0) on an Athlon 64. Not sure if this
> > architecture has
> > >>> anything to do with the problem, but I did notice some posts
> > implying>>> not
> > >>> many people had tried LFS on it yet, and their might be some
> > problems.>>
> > >> Athlon 64 is so new that it hasn't received wide LFS testing
> > yet. So
> > >> unfortunately that means you're pretty much on your own :-(
> > >>
> > >
> > > I would suggest anyone building LFS on x86-64 hardware go to
> > > http://home.ix.netcom.com/~ejohns/glfs-amd64/index.html
> > > and read how Eric Johnson did it. He kept some good notes on it.
> > >
> >
> > I'll had a look at that and got the impression it was only for people
> > starting with a 32bit host OS on amd64. I'll have a good look at it
> > anyhowand work out how much applies if you are starting with a 64
> > bit host OS.
> >
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> I can confirm that the same problem occurs starting from Mandrake for
AMD64, a 64-bit host os.  GCC compiles fine, but has weird errors when it
tries to recompile itself, in the bootstrap passes.  I haven't had a look at
that page yet though.

I am working on a dual toolchain for x86_64 starting from SuSE, and ran into
no problems with compiling gcc.  There are two ways to build LFS I believe
(well, three because you can start from a 32bit os and only build 32bit
apps, but why have the 64bit chip then)  One is to only build the 64bit
programs, in which case you can't build grub, because it only builds in
32bit mode.  The other is to build a dual toolchain/multilib/biarch system.
I am currently working on this, and being fairly successful so far, I should
have notes on the system in the future, but for now am not done.  The system
that I am building basically amounts to a single set of binaries (64bit) and
two lib dirs - lib64 and lib.  There are two copies of (almost) all of the
libraries so that programs that link against either type will build/run.
this is more difficult, but doable.  If you are only interested in building
a 64bit system, you should be able to follow the book instructions except
add --disable-multilib to GCC.  Also, gettext may error on build (I haven't
tested that) if it does, then add --disable-libasprintf to it's configure.
You will have to have grub installed already, because you won't be able to
build it.  The other option (maybe not a good one though) is to start with a
32bit os, in which case, you can either use the directions on that site, or
LFS builds fine from this, you just end up building for a i686.


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