(no subject) - x86_64 problems

tgarnsey at swiftdsl.com.au tgarnsey at swiftdsl.com.au
Thu Jan 8 23:39:06 PST 2004

>>> I've been having trouble with the very first gcc compilation in chapter
>>> five (LFS v5.0) on an Athlon 64. Not sure if this architecture has
>>> anything to do with the problem, but I did notice some posts implying
>>> not
>>> many people had tried LFS on it yet, and their might be some problems.
>> Athlon 64 is so new that it hasn't received wide LFS testing yet. So
>> unfortunately that means you're pretty much on your own :-(
> I would suggest anyone building LFS on x86-64 hardware go to
> http://home.ix.netcom.com/~ejohns/glfs-amd64/index.html
> and read how Eric Johnson did it. He kept some good notes on it.

I'll had a look at that and got the impression it was only for people
starting with a 32bit host OS on amd64. I'll have a good look at it anyhow
and work out how much applies if you are starting with a 64 bit host OS.

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