Problem with binutils-2.14 LFS 5.0

jmh j.m.hall at
Tue Jan 6 18:27:02 PST 2004

Dogggeti at wrote:
> i have exactly the same problem but my situation is still worse. i installed 
> SuSE linux LiveEval and the installation worked. i was happy because this was 
> my first contact with linux and i already was successfully installing it. but 
> i still had no idea how linux actually worked. then i found LFS and thought 
> this would be perfect to really learn linux
> . now i sit in front of bash and get this error and dont know what to do.
> what is this gcc you are talking about?

The others answered your question but gcc is the compiler
used to compile all the C source code used to make the LFS
system. And now you know all I know ;-) Which sadly is 
pretty much true in this area.


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