/tools vs $LFS/tools

Joel Miller cheeziologist at mail.isc.rit.edu
Tue Jan 6 14:24:44 PST 2004

On Tue, 06 Jan 2004 16:08:59 -0500, weasel <weasel at beyondnormal.org> wrote:

>> Yes.  $LFS/tools is only used during ch5 and maybe later in the
> <correction>
> once or twice....its usually safe to reference /tool since a symlink is 
> made on your host system in the beginning that points to $LFS/tools
> </correction>
>> It is common short hand for the /mnt/lfs/tools dir.  It is also the 
>> proper name for the dir once you enter the chroot environment, and 
>> after you have completed the build and boot into you LFS system.
>> Nick

This is misleading. It is not just "safe" to use /tools instead of 
$LFS/tools it is the proper way to do things. If it all possible you need 
to be using the simlink /tools instead of /mnt/lfs/tools becuase then no 
paths are hardcoded as /mnt/lfs/tools and all paths are coded as /tools 
which will work inside and outside of the chroot. In summary, do what the 
book tells you to do. If it says /tools use /tools and if it says 
$LFS/tools use $LFS/tools.

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