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Allard Welter allard at nospam.nl
Tue Jan 6 14:08:10 PST 2004

On Tuesday 06 January 2004 21:18, Brian Willkie wrote:

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> In reading through the first few chapters, I've had a hard time following
> what the working directory is in general. For example, chapter 5
> "Installing Binutils 2.14- Pass 1"
> mkdir ../binutils-build
> cd ../binutils-build
> This is relative to...  ?

Relative to the root directory of the source tree of the package you are 
compiling. Somewhere in the beginning of the book is mentioned that it is 
assumed you have cd'd here. In the case above, relative to


> Otherwise, it's a great work so far. Many thanks for everyone's hard work.
> Thanks in advance,
> Brian

Regards - Allard

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